Wearable Wonders at the launch of Huddersfield Girl Geeks: Bright Lights and Smart Projects

We had a blast at the launch of the Huddersfield Girl Geeks community on 14.10.17, and took along challenges from our 'Internet of Curious Things' programme for a hands-on session.

Girl coding on a laptop at Huddersfield Girl Geeks launch event

The group made connections with the local environment, and used sensors to collect data and visualise through creative lighting displays.

Image showing 20 participants coding on laptops at a workshop to launch Huddersfield Girl Geeks

The workshop was focused on teamwork to launch new inventions, with connected health, home, car and smart city projects shared 🙌

Girl looking at the LED ring that she's coded to visualise envrionmental data at the launch of Huddersfield Girl Geeks

Full photo gallery here.