This Girl Codes with Junction Arts

Continuation of This Girl Codes with Junction Arts in Chesterfield saw us extending digital making activities with the same group of Year 5 children.

In November 2017 the group collaborated to build lantern installations for the Bolsover Parade at the castle, using Codebug and LEDs to illuminate the entrance for visitors. Stunning displays shown on the video below, if you didn't get chance to see them:

This time the girls worked in pairs to link heritage with STEAM to produce light boxes inspired by a visit to Bolsover Castle.

How amazing to attend a school at the foot of the castle and to "take Science, Technology and History into the C21st through Art" as one of the groups commented.

This might just become our new definition of STEAM 😀

girl taking photograph of castle

The children led their own research using local heritage and the castle itself to incorporate images and layers into their final pieces.

girl tracing contour of a castle wall on an acetate

Technology included wearables and strings of glowbugs coded into patterns to suit their architectural themes.

project showing codebug wearables connected to LEDs

The lightboxes will be displayed at the castle for peers, the local community and visitors to Bolsover to discover.

Look out for more news about projects for the next stage of #ThisGirlCodes.

2 girls attaching wires and technology and lights to their art lightbox

Full image gallery here.