• 2 adults and 2 children with digital roses
  • bunch of paper roses for dataviz project
  • teens around a table cutting and curating acetate roses
  • 2 students sharing digital rose projects in front of Bolsover Castle
  • 2 girls carrying digital rose projects

This Girl Codes

This Girl Codes is an exciting example of a partnership approach to creative computing that has impacted on the aspirations, confidence and skills of women and girls in rural Derbyshire.

The programme was led by Junction Arts and supported by The Foundation for Digital Creativity who linked with local community and education partners.

Phase one explored our cultural heritage through innovative challenges with primary-aged girls, teachers and families. The next chapter built on successful learning outcomes and moved to The Bolsover School and also incorporated intergenerational activities across community sites in the town.

The aim was always to reduce digital exclusion and empower everyone taking part to believe that ‘they can’. The approach is somewhat unusual in that it takes female experiences rooted in Bolsover, both historical and contemporary, which become the focus for the future through the arts.