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  • 2 girls working with Codebug device in front of a computer
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  • children collaborating around a table with air quality sensor project
  • students working on air quality digital problems around laptops

Education Programmes

Our programmes see us working with teachers, primary-aged children, in secondary schools, colleges and universities with undergraduate and postgraduate students.

At each key stage, we’re able to adapt learning tasks and support young people to build creative solutions using technological innovations from industry.


  1. To inspire young people to explore opportunities available in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  2. Develop student skills and abilities to operate as STEM professionals and be successful in a world of rapidly changing technology.
  3. Increase teachers' confidence, pedagogies and knowledge of teaching engineering through an interdisciplinary and project-based learning approach.
  4. Emphasise relevant learning, and purposeful use of technology to tackle real world social and environmental problems, by linking to the UN Sustainable Goals.